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Sarah Klegman's work has been featured in The Huffington Post, The LA Times, The Dodo, XO Jane, and more. She's made enthusiastic appearances of arguable significance on Comedy Central, The Great British Baking Show on PBS, and KTLA and hosted two seasons of her podcast on the Awkward Human Network.  

After a successful career as a talent manager and producer of stand-up comedy, Sarah got out of the entertainment industry just in time to save the majority of her soul. Next, she moved into the non-profit and startup spaces where she fell in love with helping companies and individuals build their brand voice and creative content strategies.

She then served as Creative Director and Chief Happiness Officer for a fast-growing AI startup for five years before joyfully branching out as an independent writer and consultant in 2024.

She also co-founded a challah bread company, went on a number of international speaking tours, got certified as a y
oga instructor, and took some ill-advised harmonica lessons.

oday she lives, works, and writes in Sacramento with her spouse Charlie and their giant derpy dog, KJ.
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