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Sarah Klegman spent her formative years in a small town on Lake Michigan, writing, performing, and asking entirely too many questions.


After winning the Michigan Theatre Award, she was offered a full ride scholarship for performance theatre to Western Michigan University. Her first semester she was cast in leading roles... but then, upon watching the opening scene of "Boogie Nights," changed her mind, promptly walked away from the scholarship, and transferred to film school in Chicago.


After producing a handful of short films in Chicago, Sarah was accepted to a producing program in LA for her final semester, and never left. That was ten years ago.


Between then and now, Sarah spent about five years as a talent manager and producer. She looked after comedians, made TV comedy specials, produced shows, and developed and sold scripts and books.


As the industry moved digital (and to save her blackening soul) Sarah left the entertainment-business business, and transitioned to the tech space.


She spent the next few years as a creative marketing executive for an international tech company, developing online communities of artists, creating content, and producing live comedy shows.


Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the tech space, Sarah went rogue, started freelancing, storytelling, and then, somehow, ended up co-founding Challah Hub.


Sarah is writing and storytelling everywhere from small theatres in LA, to an international leadership summit in Jerusalem, where she performed a story about getting hearing aids.


She's spent the last six months pouring her heart into "What's Wrong With You?" a storytelling podcast where she interviews successful artists and entrepreneurs about what's wrong with them, and helps them tell stories about times they failed. 

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